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Sustainable Energy

Milwaukee Environmental Consortium


The beautifully renovated offices and convening spaces will promote synergy among partners and
increase access to experiential education for youth and families. Set in a landscaped oasis, the
surrounding gardens help residents experience the healing and inspirational beauty of nature in the
center of the city.


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Sharon and Larry Adams, Owners and Developers 

Opened in 2020, Adams Garden Park was developed by Sharon and Larry Adams of HN Development to spur development in their neighborhood and continue their legacy of environmental stewardship.


Sharon and Larry Adams are the Co-Founders of Walnut Way Conservation Corp., a non-profit community development organization serving historically disinvested communities.  For 20 years, Walnut Way developed non-profit and business partnerships to attract resources for community development, health, and wellness. With their leadership, over $100m was invested in new and rehabbed residential and commercial properties.  Opportunities for residents to gain employment in construction and landscaping sectors increased significantly. 


Retired from Walnut Way, Larry and Sharon Adams are building on their neighborhood experiences to engage in residential and commercial real estate development by revitalizing blighted and abandoned properties. As HN Development, we engage in site assemblage and project development. Our inclusive method includes community engagement, financing, tenant selection, and project delivery.  Our process results in sustainable change because stakeholders commit to the present and future success of a project.

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