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Under the leadership of community members Sharon and Larry Adams, the Park will
not only create a beautiful and uplifting experience in the neighborhood but will also support old and attract new local businesses, provide a gathering place for learning and celebration of culture, and provide
opportunity across the neighborhood. We aim to bring about positive change through this sustainable and vibrant vision.

Project Team

  • Development Consultant: Juli Kaufmann, President of Fix Development LLC, provides guidance on real estate and financing development strategies. She has more than two decades of nonprofit, corporate and entrepreneurial business expertise, having completed successful real estate development projects valued at more then $10 million, including the Innovations and Wellness Commons and the Historic Wally Schmidt Tavern Redevelopment located in Lindsay Heights.


  • Architect:  Mark Helminiak, Mayer|Helminiak Architects LLC, was selected for his strong experience in urban design, experience in institutional and commercial projects and devotion to community investment. 



  • Contractor: The Craftsman Restoration Guild LLC will complete a large percentage of the work, a neighborhood- owned and based construction firm.  The CRG is SBE certified with the City of Milwaukee and specializes in the renovation and restoration of vintage properties.


  • Academic Partners: Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies’ Environmental Conservation graduate program, the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) honors and the student organization Organizing for Change at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee have committed to research projects. Projects in renewable energy, soil & water management, energy efficiency and earth-friendly business ideas will feed development, community prosperity and business opportunity.

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